There is a strong focus on developing literacy skills that children need to become active readers. Math becomes a focal point, as children further develop their problem solving skills.

One of the key roles of our Pre-Kindergarten Program is school readiness, and to successfully help transition children into Kindergarten, and set them on a path for success in later school years. Our curriculum in Pre-Kindergarten will further expand upon the developmental aspects of their individual growth while continuing to focus on self-esteem and independence skills through our enrichment activities.

Your child will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in exploration with our wide range of science materials and projects. They may participate individually or in small groups in the following types of explorations:

  • Space and the solar system
  • The four seasons
  • Plant growth and cycles
  • Observe life cycles
  • Creating experiments with predictions and conclusions

In the art and dramatic play areas children can express themselves in a number of ways. They have the ability to use a variety of materials and work alone or with a friend. They can work on processes or create a product. They can participate in the following:

  • Drawing, coloring, and use of stencils
  • Painting, collaging and clay work
  • Creating long-term projects such as plays and other performing arts
  • Photography and film .
  • Creating skits
  • Expressing their ideas and acting out their thoughts

Your child will also have wonderful opportunities to develop physically. We have a large variety of indoor and outdoor equipment that enhance physical development throughout the day. You will see children participating in the following types of activities:

  • Gymnastics & Kid-fit
  • Group games such as Band-Aid Tag, Dodge Ball
  • Small motor activities such as play-doh, lacing and puzzles
  • Seeding and harvesting
  • Hand/Eye coordination activities
  • Woodworking
  • Music and movement activities

Our learning environment will provide math opportunities with the use of manipulative, unit blocks, cooking and science activities. Questions the teacher poses will provoke children to think, reason and experiment with math concepts. The types of math concepts your child will participate in are as follows:

  • Sequencing
  • Graphing
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Math worksheets
  • Weights and measure
  • Calendar concepts
  • Sorting

Our learning approach will provide language and reading opportunities through our extensive educational materials and games, books, and creative teaching tools. Our teachers will challenge children to maximize their language potential. The language and reading concepts your child will participate in are as follows:

  • Letter recognition
  • Language arts activities
  • Story-telling and recall
  • Listening and dictation
  • Phonics, beginning and comprehensive reading concepts
  • Pre-writing skills