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Have questions?  We have answers.  Please search the sections below for frequently asked questions regarding classes, camps and childcare.  If you do not find your answer there use our online “Ask a question” form or call us during normal business hours at (281) 480-5626.

Class FAQ

Please note that although we make every effort to insure these FAQ are kept updated, the current Policies and Procedures document located at the gym and on this website, will supersede any answer provided here

Many of your enrollment questions can be answered from this page, but if you prefer to speak to a Lobo Gymnastics representative, please call us at (281) 480-5626 for assistance.  We are here to help.

Girl’s Gymnastics:
A leotard without a skirt or tights, hair pulled up neatly, and no jewelry.

Boy’s gymnastics:
Athletic shorts without pockets, buttons, snaps, zippers or buckles and a fitted tucked in tee shirt. Shoes and socks are not worn into the training area.

For Childcare & Before/After-School Care, Mother’s Day Out & Preschool:
Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes for climbing, running etc.   A change of clothing must be kept in the child’s backpack at all times.

It is important that you are on time to pick up your child but in the event of an unforeseen circumstances that will make you late, please call the Lobo Front Desk. A late pick-up fee may apply for late pick-up after a five minute grace period of $10.00 per 10 minutes or any portion thereof.

Yes, lesson plans are posted weekly in the viewing areas of gymnastics and outside your child’s classroom in the childcare center.

For Gymnastics:  Our coaching staff continually tracks your child’s progress and at designated times evaluations are performed to determine the readiness to move to a different level or group. You will be approached when they have accomplished the skills necessary to be promoted out of their class. At that time you must contact the office to make your new class selection.

For Preschool Children:  Placement in the preschool classes is normally by age and each group moves up to the next age group as a whole with a few exceptions. Progress reports are sent home to the parents every 12 weeks during the school year.

For Gymnastics: Lobo has observations rooms in both training areas where the parents may sit comfortably and observe their children in class at any time. However safety is a concern for those children who constantly “look” for mom or dad to watch them. It distracts from their concentration as well as the concentration of the rest of the class. Should this be the case for you and your child, we ask that you observe classes out of the view of your child. If you ever have any questions about your child’s progressions we strongly encourage you to talk to your child’s coaches if time permits after class or stop by the front desk staff that will be able to send any communication to your child’s coach for you.  Please avoid speaking to coaches while they are instructing or after class about billing, account questions, and class times as they are not able to readily access the data needed to answer your questions. Our office staff will be happy to help or send us a message via your parent portal.

For Preschool Children: Parents are welcome to visit their child’s class at any time. We do ask that parents consider carefully prior to a visit as to whether their child will be ok with a second “goodbye”. We do have scheduled Open House days throughout the course of the year whereby parents visit their child’s classroom, get better acquainted with the teacher and hopefully feel “part of the family”

No, unless your child is not able to use the restroom by themselves. If you are going to leave the facility, while your child is in class, please make sure the office has your cell phone number on file so we have a method to contact you in the event of an emergency.

Lobo classes are on-going year round. We allow a two week vacation credit of ½ during the summer months to retain your child’s place in class.  Send request via your parent portal.

For Gymnastics: You may enroll your child at any time. Fees are pro-rated to reflect the remaining classes in the session.

Yes, we will gladly accommodate class change requests anytime (subject to class availability).

Email via your parent portal that you created when you enrolled.

Please understand that Lobo Gymnastics does offer make-up classes on the last Friday of each month; however, no monetary credit will be given. No credit and/or refunds are given for, but not limited to programs, classes, clinics, camps, private lessons, birthday parties, birthday party guests, bring a friend, open gym, field trips, missed and/or cancelled due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather or any other reason. Lobo Gymnastics does not issue refunds. All sales are final for any product and/or service purchased and/or provided by Lobo Gymnastics.

Monday thru Friday: 9:00am-7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-12:00pm

Option 1 – Auto Billing: Accounts are set up on EFT (electronic fund transfer). Upon enrollment, a credit card is placed on file for this purpose and will be automatically debited for the balance owing at the beginning of each month. (Auto billing only applies to programs that have a reoccurring tuition. Fees for other products and/or services shall be paid for at the time of purchase and /or registration.)

Option 2 – In Person: Payment for tuition must be made at the front desk before the due date. If you choose not to set up auto pay, your child’s tuition increases by $5 each month. If payment is not received on or before the due date each month, Lobo Gymnastics will initiate electronic payments for any balances due on your account PLUS an administrative late fee of $10.00 using the credit card you place on file for this purpose. Fees for other products and/or services shall be paid for at the time of purchase and /or registration. If your child is enrolled in a program that has reoccurring tuition, he or she is continuously enrolled in the program and will incur reoccurring tuition charges on your account until you adhere to the withdrawal procedures.

The programs at Lobo are on-going year-round and therefore one must submit an advance written notice via your Jack Rabbit parent portal before withdrawing from a class in order to officially withdrawal from Lobo Gymnastics and qualify to use the last month deposit, even in the event of a temporary drop. A verbal notice will not be recognized as proper withdrawal notice.

The written withdrawal notice must be received 30 days prior to the next four week session. The “last month deposit” is non-refundable and is applied to the last month’s tuition. All accounts will remain open and continue to be charged and drafted until a written withdrawal notice is received.  EXAMPLE: You would like for the May session to be your last month to bill. May Session: April 20th – May 16th; your notice is due 30 days prior to April 20th. Notice due date would be February 20th.

This 30 day prior written notice is required to withdraw from any class enrolled in and to  drop a class.

Xcel Competitive Team:  Lobo Xcel Team is an ongoing year-round program  and parents must submit a 2 month advanced written notice via your Jack Rabbit parent portal according to gym billing cycle (see Lobo Calendar & Team Handbook)

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