Swim Lessons

Swim lessons for children ages 3 and older are centered on aquatic readiness skills that are geared to a child’s age, development level, and individual ability.

Swim lesson classes are usually grouped by both age and skill level. So beginning preschoolers ( ages 3 to 5) take classes with other beginning preschoolers and beginning school-age (ages 6 & Up) take classes with other beginners their age. Working in small groups, children learn simple water-safety rules, breath control, and basic arm and leg movements. As children get older and gain more experience in the water, they tackle more difficult swimming skills.

Sessions Dates


Adult classes & private lessons

Lobo and Stone’s Members:
Cost: $150/session, $15 Maintenance Fee

Cost: $165/session, $25 Maintenance Fee

Swim Lesson Location

Stone’s Gym
16223 Moonrock
Houston, TX 77062


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