Beyond Sitting Still: Why Your Child Needs Active Learning in Childcare

portrait of kids playing in an active childcare facility

Forget the image of rows of kids quietly doing worksheets. Today’s best childcare programs recognize that young children learn best by doing, not just by listening. Active learning environments put kids at the center of their education, providing a stimulating, hands-on approach that sparks curiosity and fuels development.

What is Active Learning?

Active learning is a style of childcare where children:

  • Have choices in their activities and play
  • Explore materials and concepts through hands-on experiences
  • Engage in playful learning that involves movement
  • Collaborate with peers and have their voices heard
  • Receive guidance and support from teachers who act as facilitators

Key Benefits of Active Childcare

  1. Stronger Cognitive Development: Research shows active learners develop better problem-solving, critical thinking, and early literacy and math skills.

  2. Improved Physical Health: Active childcare counteracts the sedentary nature of much of modern childhood, boosting fitness and establishing healthy habits.

  3. Enhanced Social-Emotional Skills: Kids in active environments learn collaboration, sharing, self-regulation, and develop a positive sense of self.

  4. Boosted Motivation and Love of Learning: Kids who have ownership over their learning become intrinsically motivated and excited to discover.

  5. Fosters Creativity and Imagination: Open-ended, play-based activities allow children’s imaginations to flourish.

How Gymnastics-Based Childcare Embodies Active Learning

While many childcare programs incorporate some active elements, those rooted in gymnastics take it to the next level. Gymnastics is inherently:

  • Playful: Kids learn naturally through the thrill of tumbling and movement.
  • Developmentally Sound: Activities are designed with early childhood milestones in mind.
  • Progressive: Challenges scale up with a child’s skills, keeping them engaged.

Choosing the Right Active Childcare for Your Family

Look for programs that:

  • Provide ample time for free play and exploration
  • Offer diverse materials and spaces both indoors and outdoors
  • Have teachers who understand how to guide learning through play
  • Emphasize a child’s individual interests and strengths

Active learning isn’t just about keeping kids busy; it’s about giving them the foundation for a lifetime of success. If you’re searching for a childcare environment that nurtures your child’s whole being, seek out programs that put movement, exploration, and joyful discovery at the heart of their philosophy.

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